Test Automation

Digital Health Solutions can help create a test automation platform and automate your test protocol for your software solutions including web applications, mobile apps and firmware.

There are many factors to consider when planning for software test automation. Automation changes the complexion of testing and the test organization from design through implementation and test execution. It usually has broad impacts on your project in such things as the tasks performed, test approaches, and even product features. There are tangible and intangible elements and widely held myths about benefits and capabilities of test automation. DHS understands the potential costs and benefits before undertaking the kind of change automation implies if only to plan well to make the most of them. Our customer centric approach provides the details and necessary information to our customer to make an informed decision whether this would be an approach conducive for our client. The job skills change, test approaches change, and testing itself changes when automation is installed. Automation has the potential for changing the product being tested and the processes.